The idea

The project starts from the spagyrics and the alchemical herbalism, and ends with the biodynamic. It is linked to the studies on the influence that planets have on world plants led by Maria Thun and Wilhelm Pelikan, towards horticulture and herbalism that will consciously recover the sign theory also under the spot of new discoveries.

The project

The project foresees the setting-up of seven circular flowerbeds, with proportional dimensions and distances as the ones in the solar system, each of which houses the plants marked by each planets.
The project therefore replicates the solar system under vegetal spoils, the flowerbeds can be arranged both by creating a planetary conjunction (so in a row), or by reproducing the present scheme on a precise date (i.e. where the planets were on a specific day, a sort of astrological “signature”).


The project develops over time, by observing plant growth and behavioral rhythms (mostly officinal herbs or herbalist use), analyzing also the relationship between their medicinal properties and the specific archetype of each planet.

It is closely some sort of plant installation by its nature and it can be set up in spaces of any size, adapting the areas of each planet.