The idea

The Grappolo d’Uva garden grows around a panoramic terrace for wine tasting on a surface of about 1000 square meters. Looking at it from the air, the garden shapes in to a cluster of grapes, with a path lining a stem while the flowerbeds draw the grapes. Many of the selected essences are edible or officinal. The flowerbeds are placed around a path which winds through the garden, around the terrace.

The project

The aim is to create a garden, shaping the landscape with circular lifted flowerbeds of approximately 6-8 meters diameter. Each flowerbed welcomes a different type of plant. There are Lavender, Terbium, Euphorbia arboreal, Perovskia Cheery (Prunes cerasifera) and Japanese maple trees, roses, herbaceous cysts and Rose-hips. There will always be red and purple blooms, leaves or berries for each season…

The result

The evergreen mixed species shrubs were already present in the garden. They will be placed in two or three flowerbeds in a circular shape at the beginning of the path, forming the leaf of the bunch as it is shown in the garden draw.

An American grapevine is expected to grow on the stone wall that surrounds the terrace, whose autumn foliage takes marvelous red shades.
A semi-circular hedge of shrubs assorted by small fruits, (gooseberry, raspberry, black currant, red currant, blackberry) will run all around the garden.
The garden will have two entrances, one on the right and one on the left side, both leading to a parking area.